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Title: Regulations Governing Issuance of Corporate Bonds by Financial Holding Companies Ch
Date: 2022.12.19
Legislative: 1.Full text of 7 articles adopted and promulgated on 31 October 2001 per Order No. (90)-Tai-Tsai-Rong-(I)-0901000189 of the Ministry of Finance; for enforcement from 1 November 2001.
2.Article 3 and 7 amended and promulgated on 10 December 2004 per Order No. Jin-Kuan-Yin-(VI)-0936000707 of the Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan; Article 3 shall be enforced from 1 January, 2005.
3.Full text of 11 articles amended and promulgated on 19 December 2022 per Order Jin-Guan-Yin-Kong-Zi No. 11102732531 of the Financial Supervisory Commission; for enforcement from 1 January, 2023.
Content: As the attachment.