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Title: Financial-Supervisory-Securities-VIII-09800176694 Ch
Date: 2009.04.30
Legislative: Issue date: 30 April 2009

Order of the Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan

Issue date: 30 April 2009
Issue no: Financial-Supervisory-Securities-VIII-09800176694

1. For a mainland area investor that engages in securities investment and futures trading in Taiwan, the ceiling amounts for NT Dollar holdings as referred to in Article 41, paragraphs 2 to 4 of the Regulations Governing Securities Investment and Futures Trading in Taiwan by Mainland Area Investors, are as follows:
(1) For the dual purposes of settlement at maturity and settlement of positions closed out prior to maturity, and payment of FCM fees and taxes, an investor may have funds converted into NT Dollars in advance by the futures commission merchant designated by its agent, provided that the NT Dollar balance for any one trader may not exceed NT$5 million.
(2) The NT Dollar balance held by an investor as a result of cumulative NT Dollar realized gains from futures trading plus the NT Dollar ceiling amount of the preceding paragraph, may not exceed NT$300 million.
(3) When the NT Dollar balance of the preceding subparagraph exceeds the ceiling amount, the investor shall within five business days have the excess converted into foreign currency by the futures commission merchant designated by its agent. After such conversion, the NT Dollar balance may not exceed NT$10 million.
2. The present Order is effective from 30 April 2009.

Original to: Post on the public notice board of the FSC and the public notice board of the Securities and Futures Bureau, FSC
Copy to: Foreign Exchange Department, Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan); Department of Legal Affairs, FSC; Financial Examination Bureau, FSC; Taiwan Futures Exchange Corporation; Chinese National Futures Association; all custodian banks